Disinfestation Viterbo

Disinfestation service

TraAmong the services we are specialized in there is disinfestation. They include the control against any kind of infestation, crawling and flying insect infestation, inside and outside of areas and buildings, integrating preventive catch systems or chemical control systems for the ongoing infestation.

The pest control interventions we offer are reliable solutions for any need and they can be of different kind, depending on the cases:

biological with traps, using pheromones, food bails or UV lamps
physical with machinery that exploits the warm and the cold
chemical with liquid or gel products (regularly registered at the Italian Ministry of Health).

Further pest control solutions

  • Positioning of innovative traps with food bait, positioning of UV lamps with glue board, positioning traps with catch through sexual and aggregation pheromones (biological control).
  • Treatments through machinery that exploits dry steam, azote and micro waves for the treatments of pest hard to kill with classic systems (bed bugs, wood worms).
  • Treatments with low environmental impact insecticides both outside and inside also through attractive gel to attract (cockroaches, ants).
  • Endotherapy treatments for the prevention against plants pest (red palm weevil, pine processionary).